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Anniversary/The Fisherman

Anniversary/The Fisherman

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These 2 pieces were commissioned by a couple for their thirtieth wedding anniversary. Each had a theme of their own, and neither one knew the other had ordered one for the other. However, Kathryn did and made the two pieces as one picture!

The Anniversary (Left)

The bluebird of Happiness symbolizes 30 years together. The Lodge is where it all began. Lake Superior Agates make up the fireplace. The five flowers are the family you became. Agate stepping stones, the sun setting, water and the Black Hills. May this piece always bring you beautiful memories.

The Fisherman (Right)

You’ll always remember him, standing in the water, fly fishing. This is where he was most free. Now you’ll forever share the same sun, the same Black Hills and love of nature. He is forever a part of your story.

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