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Story Bead Necklace & Earrings

This piece was commissioned by a mother for her daughter upon college graduation
There are seven story beads within the necklace that represent different times in “Greta’s” life. They were made into a sterling silver and green garnet necklace. The exact items are hard to see in the photo…..but all items mentioned are in the necklace and the tag attached to the necklace read as follows:

Bead 1: Begin with the birthday bead and a flower for a girl. (as you look at the picture – the top bead on the left-see 16- part of her birth date)
Bead 2: A yellow heart (thus your heart of gold). Three 4-legged animals following each other….always seeming to follow you. The journey continues as it should. Faith
Bead 3: A Red Cross-your nursing career, your little Honda that got you where you needed to be, with a yellow sun & blue sky.
Bead 4: The white house you were born at, with a door & window to let others into your
life. There is a tree, blue sky, flowers, and a butterfly.
Bead 5: The sunny bead reflects the high school years, the little red car that took the
crooked roads, through the danger years that makes one invincible to limits or harm.
Around the back a flash of silver – that is the car key that was so often lost!
Bead 6: The red apple for the grade school years, Applefest, the magic of the carnival.
The other side portrays a little person with long braids and a purple shirt; a sweet memory
of you as a child.
Bead 7: The last bead is to reflect on your life in college. A gray cat named Oliver,
Flowers, the colors of your growth. Around the top is your friends, holding hands in a circle, helping each other make their way in life. It is not a lone journey this life of yours. Each event & interaction with others chart your course. However, it is your choice to live either with joy or pain. I hope you choose joy, as that is what you have brought me.

Made of: Sterling Silver, Green Garnet – “Grounding”, increased health, fidelity and
imagination. Smokey Quartz – Breaks bad habits, relieves headaches. Swarovski Crystals, Seed Beads

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