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The Fine Art of Kathryn Walker


The Peyote Stitch

All of Kathryn’s jewelry is of original design and heirloom quality. You may order jewelry like one you see , but no piece is ever exactly duplicated! Kathryn is constantly creating with color, stones and design to create handcrafted pieces that are visually stunning. Her passion shows throughout. She works with Sterling Silver for the most part, but is happy to use gold if that is your preference.

Her signiture jewelry is Peyote Beaded. The Zulu and North American Indian developed the Peyote Stitch. It is a beadwork with several variations; tubular, flat and circular. It was a Native American custom to cover items used in their religious ceremonies. The Peyote stitch is extremely time consuming and is an exact art. Each bead is woven twice; once in first response and then again into the design. If one bead is out of place, it cannot be completed. What is interesting in Kathryn’s work, is that it is so flowing with intricate design and color……you forget how precise she must be to complete each piece.

Kathryn uses a wide variety of stones and beads in her work, plus she always adds at least one Swarovski Crystal in every piece of jewelry she makes, just for just a little sparkle! (It’s fun to find!) You can find out more by clicking the tags in the sidebar of the “Recent Works” or “Gallery” sections, or search for specific stones or mediums in the search bar at the top.